Keeping it Local

Right from the beginning, when Fresha was still a concept in a business plan in 2003, Managing Director, Paul Banks included a section outlining the importance of the environment and his commitment to supporting our local economy, watching small businesses grow and the county benefit. Our core values set back in 2003 still stand today, as Fresha continues to be known as the responsible catering company in the South West.

At Fresha, we find no need to search beyond our neighbours when we source our food for our business, whether that be for the café, outside catering, commercial contracts or our educational catering services. In Exeter we’re lucky to have an abundance of quality produce we can pick from the region’s finest producers, pretty much on our doorstep.

By keeping it local, we do our bit for the wider world too. Using local produce means less farm to fork miles and a smaller carbon footprint. We’re able to cut down on wasted packaging because our food isn’t travelling far. Delicious fresh food with minimal packaging, fuss and footprint. It doesn’t get better than this.

We’re not just saying this for the sake of it – to name a few suppliers – our meat comes from Complete Meats in Honiton; fruit and veg is delivered by Frank H Mann in Torquay; cakes are baked in Torquay, Gluten free cakes in Exeter; our chutney comes from North Devon; SJB Foods near Sidmouth provide cheese and cooked meats; and MJ Baker Food Service in Newton Abbott provides all our dry goods.

Our Values

Fresha was founded on the ethos of delivering freshly prepared, high quality foods that are full of flavour in a sustainable way, through all of our catering services.

  • We care about all of our customers across all of our catering services, we demonstrate this by offering them healthy choices across our entire range of menus, including our range of handcrafted sandwiches, wholesome meals, appetising breakfasts and varied buffets.
  • We believe in the mantra “you are what you eat” and recognise that the food that we eat fundamentally affects our levels of energy, concentration and activity. At Fresha we feel duty bound to take responsibility for ensuring we offer our customers the best quality food choices available for them to consume and digest.
  • We take total responsibility for what is in our foods – this includes not only the purchase of the ingredients but also the preparation and cooking methods – for example roasting our own locally reared meats, rather than sourcing prepacked cooked meats
  • We care about the communities in which we operate and deliver value back into these communities, evidenced by our corporate social responsibility policy and our sponsoring of and investment in local projects
    We are environmentally conscious, demonstrated by our regional sourcing and strict waste management policies


Quality has always stood as the cornerstone of Fresha’s business philosophy. We prioritize sourcing fresh produce from hand-picked suppliers who share our commitment to excellence. Our customers frequently express that they can genuinely taste the difference, validating our ongoing efforts.

In our line of business, quality extends beyond just ingredients; it encompasses every facet of our operation, including our dedicated staff, impeccable service, and efficient delivery.

We maintain a vigilant watch on our performance, regularly reviewing and promptly addressing customer feedback. Actively seeking and valuing input from our customers allows us to swiftly improve our service whenever concerns arise.

Our dedication to quality resonates throughout every aspect of our business, reflecting our desire to provide each customer with the perfect experience.

Whether you’re dropping by the café for a coffee and sandwich, grabbing a pasty from one of our jiffy vans, ordering a buffet lunch for a board meeting, or exploring contract catering options for a busy organization, you can rely on Fresha for unparalleled quality, every time.

Fresha by name, fresher by nature. Devon born and bred.

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