Social & Environmental Responsibility

Fresha has a proven, ongoing commitment to CSR; our voluntary commitment to contribute to both social and environmental goals through our operation.   

When Fresha was still a concept in a business plan in 2003, CEO Paul Banks included a section outlining the importance of the environment and CSR. The business continues to adhere to these aims, not because we have to, but because we want to. 

Corporate social responsibility

In the Fresha model, CSR means we accept and adhere to our responsibilities in every area of our business:

  • In our behaviour in the marketplace
  • In the treatment of all our employees in the workplace 
  • In the support of the communities we work within
  • In our supply chain management
  • In all dealings with clients, customers and suppliers

For Fresha, CSR is a core business value, not something we just add on for the sake of it. It has been an integral part of the business since the earliest days.

CSR has enhanced our reputation for trustworthiness with our supply chain and consumers, grown customer and stakeholder loyalty and given Fresha enhanced competitiveness.

For the sake of the planet

Our environmental aims are entrenched within our day to day operations.

Our food boxes are sustainably sourced, 100% biodegradable and carry Fresher for Longer accreditation.  The packaging is largely made from plant-based compostable materials and even the bio laminate film on our windowed bags, sandwich wedges, salad and other packs is made from plants.

Our take away wooden cutlery is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Local sourcing

Importantly, we use local food producers wherever we can, cutting down on food miles and supporting the local economy. We’re not just saying this for the sake of it; our meat comes from an Exeter butcher renowned for premium, fresh West Country meat, our free range eggs are laid in Aylesbeare, our daily bread is made in Marsh Barton. And there’s more – the catch of the day is from independent fishmonger Fishes in Exeter, fruit and veg is delivered by Dart Fresh, cakes are baked in Torquay, and even our chutney comes from North Devon.

Waste material

In our line of business, we can’t get away from packaging. We do, however, make sure that it is dealt with sustainably: card and boxes are either returned to where they came from for reuse, or taken to our closest recycling centre.

All other waste is disposed of responsibly. This is not just lip service, we carry a duty of care ‘controlled waste transfer’ certificate, meaning we do what we say we’re going to do.

A catering business, like any other business, consumes energy, heat and water. Fresha is different because we frequently review what we’re using, and look for ways to improve our consumption and consequently our environmental and sustainable profile.

We recycle our old oil to be converted into Bio Diesel.