Busy festive period? Eat well for good energy levels!

Busy festive period? Eat well for good energy levels!

As the festive season approaches, social engagements, work engagements and busy lives often mean we don’t get the chance to focus on maintaining our usual levels of good nutrition. With the hints and tips below Fresha can help you maximise your energy levels and bounce through the festive period with positive energy and mood, rather than merely surviving the Christmas chaos! 

Make your own good energy: key ways in which you can ensure that you create the right energy levels is to eat fresh food that contains lots of vitamins and nutrients whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Good foods include leafy green vegetables, which should be a regular part of your diet as they are an excellent source of iron and other nutrients that help combat low energy. Nuts and seeds also contain nutrients like Folic Acid, Vitamin E and Zinc which contribute to maintaining good energy levels. 

A further way to create good energy is to reduce your sugar intake. To help our customers enjoy their favourite food whilst consuming less sugar, we have considerably reduced the use of processed sugars in our recipes. This approach to sugar, combined with the fact that Fresha has never used artificial sweeteners or preservatives in our meals means that our customers are better able to manage their blood sugar, which has a positive effect on their energy levels.

In addition to the consumption of leafy greens and nuts and seeds, eating protein and good fats also benefit energy levels. Starting the day with a wholesome and tasty breakfast such as Fresha’s Devon free range scrambled eggs and Scottish smoked salmon on wholemeal toast will get you off to a great start. Starting the day with the right nutrition has benefits for the whole day and helps to reduce the likelihood of unhealthy cravings and drops in energy levels.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle which includes regular physical activity also contributes to balancing the right levels of energy. Winter is the perfect time of year to wrap up warm and get out and get some fresh air!

Mood foods – use the right food to balance your mood. The food you choose should be colourful and come from different food groups. Vegetables are best when eaten fresh and in season. At Fresha we cook all meals in our kitchens using fresh produce and ingredients – we do not merely re-heat processed foods.  Choosing to eat a variety of fresh and balanced foods, in season, instead of too many festive treats will help you to avoid vitamin deficiencies and sugar crashes. Soups – such as Fresha’s delicious homemade soups, which are made fresh daily using seasonal ingredients – are an excellent choice to help your nutrient levels as well as adding to your fluid intake, which is typically low in winter.

Mindful eating – try to practice mindful eating over the festive period, to ensure that you get the best out of the foods that you eat:

  • Consider where your food comes from – local suppliers offering fresh, quality produce are going to provide you with the best food in terms of taste and nutrition – with the added bonus of reduced food miles. 
  • Appreciate every bite, enjoy it, taste the different flavours, don’t wolf it down! 
  • Eat socially, spending quality time with family and friends around a table!

Using food to positively balance your energy and mood will help you enjoy the best of the festive period! Season’s Greetings from the Fresha team!